2AM Changmin and Girls’ Generation Sunny are shown as a fishing village couple in the picture above.

On Friday, Changmin posted on his Twitter “Hoping for ‘Invincible Youth’ and 2AM’s new album to be a great success! Couple picture of us! We’re on our way to work!” along with a picture.

Changmin is posing in the picture with Sunny in working clothes. Sunny is smiling awkwardly while Changmin seems to have a more serious face on. This makes them look very awkward, but the picture reminds of an actual fishing village couple.

Some of netizens’ reactions are “They’re so cute~” “Don’t they look like an uncle and a niece?” “Girls’ Generation fighting! 2AM fighting!”

Meanwhile, 2AM recently released their new mini album “Fitzgerald’s Love Story” and have begun promotions of their title track “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me.