2AM gave a brief explanation of the sex education program provided by JYP Entertainment. Appearing on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol,” 2AM was asked about JYP Entertainment’s sex education program that was made famous after miss A’s Suzy mentioned it on SBS “Strong Heart” last month.

Jung Hyung Don first asked, “So what type of sex education do you get?” 2AM, however, simply answered, “We don’t get sex education by reading a book or watching a video. We just learn about proper dating techniques.”

Defconn followed up by asking, “I heard most agencies encourage dating within the agency?” Surprisingly, 2AM’s response was, “JYP Entertainment, likewise, encourages in-house dating.”

Jo Kwon was also asked to give a one-minute sex education speech to some of the teen audience members, based on his eight year experience at JYPE as a trainee.

The full episode of “Weekly Idol” will air on April 18. Stay tuned for the full story!