On a recent episode of MBC‘s Video Star, 2AM‘s Jinwoon made an appearance where he talked about his girlfriend, Kyungri.


Jinwoon was recently discharged from the military, and he explained the biggest highlight of his term of service.


His girlfriend.

My girlfriend took up 98% of my visitation time. I was so happy that I could almost go back.

— Jinwoon

But what drew the most attention was when Jinwoon revealed the last thing he said to Kyungri before enlisting in the military.


And he shed tears at the same time.

I begged her to wait for me like in a not-so-chill way.

— Jinwoon

It was revealed in November of 2019 that Jinwoon and Kyungri are dating.


Moreover, Jinwoon dished about just how much Kyungri means to him in a recent interview.


Let’s just see how much sweeter they get in the years to come!