2AM’s Jinwoon debuted solo as a rock artist on stage at Jisan Valley Rock Festival on July 31st. The youngest member of the ballad quartet performed his track “You Walking Toward Me” at the event.  It preceded the midnight release of his mini-album on August 1st.

Prior to the performance, fans were given a glimpse into Jinwoon’s journey through a series of events captured on video dubbed “Jinwoon’s Diary.” Earlier in the week, Jinwoon’s track “La La La” was made available as a free download on his official website. He also held an open rehearsal in anticipation of his performance.

Jinwoon worked with international music engineers in the production of his rock album. Michael Brauer and James Brown, who were featured in one of the episodes of “Jinwoon’s Diary,” have worked with bands like U2 and Coldplay. 

More information on Jinwoon’s mini-album are on his website


Sources: Jinwoon’s official website