Looking for that good looking “Flower Boy” of your dreams, who is also immensely rich? Look no further, 2AM’s Jinwoon fits the bill perfectly! The episode of MBC “Golden Fishery – Radio Star” broadcast on March 7 was a 2AM special. The members Changmin, Seulong, Jo Kwon, and Jinwoon appeared as guests to entertain viewers.

On the show, Jinwoon confirmed that he lives in a 330m2 home in the affluent area “Cheongdam-dong.” The house contains a band practice room as well.

Jinwoon stated, “It isn’t just a normal house. It used to be the dormitory for the entertainment agency (Pledis) that has Son Dam Bi and After School’s Gahee.”

When asked what his parents do, Jinwoon replied, “My father is a professional manager, and he has an office at ‘Samsung-dong.’ My mother has an interior design business.”

The other 2AM members chimed in, “One can easily tell that Jinwoon was raised up in a rich family. For his 21st birthday party he had a party planner and received a congratulation clip from famous stars. All the people at the party were famous such as Kara, miss A, Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, and SHINee.”

Jinwoon then said, “My 21st birthday party was organized by my mother as a ‘rite of passge,’ and it was the first time we used a party planner.”