2AM’s Jo Kwon revealed his report card from his trainee days. 2AM will appear on KBS “Star Life Theater,” airing on March 19 to March 23, to share their life stories.

During Jo Kwon’s main filming, Jo Kwon recalled his past memories and even unveiled the rehearsal room that he shed his sweat and tears in. The singer talked about his past stories as a trainee that happened in the rehearsal room.

When he discovered his trainee finals report card, he said, “I don’t know why I have this either.” It is known that these finals report cards are not shown to the trainees even after they have finished.

The finals evaluation report card is filled with handwritings that displays the evidence to Jo Kwon’s troublemaking days when he went through puberty.

Meanwhile, Jo Kwon’s trainee report card can be seen on KBS “Star Life Theater” starting from March 19.