On this week’s episode of “Radio Star,” idol group 2AM appeared as guests and spoke about many different things. Jo Kwon especially had many interesting stories.

Jo Kwon revealed that he had his first kiss after he debuted. When he was asked, “Did you really not have your first kiss yet?” he answered, “I did – it was after my debut.” The MCs asked him where he had his first kiss and Jo Kwon shyly answered, “I don’t know,” with a blushing face.

Jo Kwon also revealed his weight. During this episode, the MCs praised Jo Kwon for his recent display of masculine charm. Jo Kwon said, “I can bench press up to 100 kg (about 220 lbs) and I weight about 56 kgs (about 123 lbs). This surprised the MCs as Jo Kwon is able to lift almost twice as much as he weights. MC Kim Goo Ra went on to call him an ant, dubbing him the nickname, “The Ant of Idols.”

Finally, Jo Kwon opened up his honest feelings about one of his best friends, Sunye of the Wonder Girls, and her dating life. He said that at first, he was very worried at Sunye’s decision to be open about her dating life. He said, “I’ve been friends with Sunye since I was 13 years old. Ever since she was a kid, she was strong and ambitious. She was like a nuna.” He continued, “It’s not wrong of her to do so but I was worried that she might get hurt. But I really respect Sunye’s mentality. She seemed so happy so I eventually accepted her decision.

Meanwhile, this episode of “Radio Star” was a 2AM come back special and the other members, Seulong, Jinwoon and Changmin all exchanged fun stories. Don’t forget to catch this episode of “Radio Star!”

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