2AM released their music video trailer on March 9.

Here is a description of the trailer:

The trailer opens in a mysterious shop that has a sign which reads, “If you bring an object with a memory attached to it, we will erase that memory for you.”

2AM’s Jinwoon enters the shop and begins to say “I couldn’t sleep. I thought that everything would be ok if a day passed by.”

(Jinwoon’s “object” is a miniature crystal piano)

“I thought that I would forget in a month. Two months, one year, no matter how much time passes by I cannot forget. I am having such a hard time, I am going crazy! Whenever I close my eyes I keep thinking about her, I really want to forget her now. Do you think she is having a hard time like I am?”

The mysterious bearded man turns the knob on the miniature crystal piano. (A music box of sorts)

At the end of the trailer we are shown glimpses of the music video.

We hear in the background, Jo Kwon and Changmin singing “Are you crying like I am? Do you also everyday –blank- like this?”

2AM will comeback on March 12.