2AM appeared on “Lee Hyori and Jung Jae Hyung’s You and I” for the episode broadcast on April 8. Besides their stellar performance, 2AM also showed off their variety show skills by telling funny stories. 2AM’s Seulong talked about meeting Lee Hyori for the first time, which gave insight into Lee Hyori’s personality.

Seulong stated, “When we were a rookie I met Lee Hyori nuna for the first time at an awards ceremony. She spoke to me first. I was very nervous because it was my first performance at an awards ceremony. I was sitting next to Lee Hyori and she looked very relaxed and had crossed her legs.”

He continued, “Lee Hyori poked me asking ‘Are you nervous?’ ‘Don’t be, why are you nervous?’”

Jung Jae Hyung asked Lee Hyori “Why did you act tough again during that awards ceremony.” Lee Hyori defended herself saying, “A junior (hoobae) was nervous so I was trying to make him feel less nervous.”

Other guests that appeared on the show were the YB band and Ailee