The members of the talented ballad group 2AM expressed their thoughts regarding their comeback in eighteen months. Last year, the group focused on expanding into the Japanese music market and did not release an album in Korea

On the sixteenth, 2AM had a successful comeback on KBS’ “Music Bank.” Right before the members went on the stage, they were interviewed. The members expressed, “We’re very excited and nervous to be going back on stage after such a long time. We met so many junior singers and rookies. We really started realizing and feeling that we’re already in our fourth year.”

Jokwon said, “We came back from our rehearsal, and a lot of junior artists greeted us. There are so many rookies now. I was really able to feel that we’ve been around for four years.”

On this day, 2AM sang “You Were Mine” and “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me” and displayed a growth in their musical and emotional depth.

“I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me” has been garnering much attention because of the first time, the song wasn’t composed by the usual J.Y Park or Bang Si Hyuk. The song was written by Kim Do Hoon, who is famous for the composing of CN Blue’s “I’m a Loner, “Intuition, as well as FT Island’s “Severely.2AM’s newest songs have been sweeping the charts and claiming the number one spot on various online music websites.

Check out the comeback performance below!

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