2AM revealed why Park Jin Young’s songs are not in their new album.

In MnetWide Entertainment News-Open Studio” that was broadcasted past Thursday, 2AM was the main guest.

2AM members all shook their heads when they got a question, “JYP abandoned 2AM?” MCs said that it seems like the rumor started because compared to those of other JYP agency’s singers, 2AM’s new album has a lot of other songwriters’ songs in it. To this, 2AM replied, “We usually choose Park Jin Young’s songs as a title song, but not when there is another song that’s especially good.”

And they continued, “Four of us have never thought that we were abandoned. We think it’s a little bit overinflated. JYP and Big Hit both are our companies. We feel like we have both mom and dad.” They also let their discomfort show by saying, “People can’t put us apart.”

When MCs asked 2AM whether they have any bad feelings, members said, “We don’t have any. We love him.”

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