Changmin revealed his ideal woman in the show “Cooking Program Food Essay- Changmin‘s 2AM recipe,” which is currently airing on the Food Lifestyle Channel O’live.

While talking about the food he used to make for Chuseok during his trainee days, Changmin asserted, “I would make a first-rate husband. Many mothers want me as a son-in-law.” He continued, “I want to marry early, if possible. I prefer a woman like Jo Yeo Jeong.”

After revealing this, Changmin could not hide his pleasure throughout the recording. Changmin continued to repeat, “I feel happy just thinking about her. I want to deliver the food I made today to Jo Yeo Jeong.”

Jo Yeo Jeong recently appeared in tvN’s drama “I Need Romance,” receiving love for her bright and energetic role.

Source: Sports Donga