On August 23, 2AM‘s Im Seulong strongly conveyed his opinions on sex offenders. He wrote on twitter, “I wish the government would toughen up penalties for sexual predators more, more, more, and even more. You bastards!” With this comment, Im Seulong posted a link to news article about how electronic anklets are failing at preventing registered sex offenders from assaulting people.

The article Sealong posted talks about recent tragedy, where a registered sex offender with 11 criminal records attempted to sexually assault a woman returning home from dropping off her child at kindergarden. When he couldn’t achieve his goal, the predator stabbed her multiple times and killed her.

Netizens commented on Im Seulong’s opinionated tweet, “I wish there are more guys who think like he does,” “He’s the real man for openly taking a stance in the issue,” “That news article is heartbreaking. It’s scary to go anywhere anytime nowadays,” and “I cannot agree with you more. They are satans.”