The countdown for Jin Woon solo debut has started. Jin Woon recently released “JinWoon’s Diary #1” video on Big Hit Youtube Channel. JinWoon agency, Big Hit Entertainment announced the released through its official Twitter account.


Title for the diary is “The dream is walking toward me” and narrated by Jin Woon himself. It showed never-seen-before footage of Jin Woon during his high school with his band performing on the stage. Although his been busy with 2AM promo tour but his continue to practice during the break and brought along his guitar everywhere. He performed with his guitar during his solo performance at 2AM Tour Concert.

He also introduced his band mate guitarists Jung Jae Pil and Seo Won Jin, bassist’s Choi Hoon and the drummer Lee Jung Hoon. All of them is talented musicians and have worked with many famous artists before.

Then he tweeted, “ In preparation for my album, I will tell you this and that. Although I’m shy, please watch it a lot. I wonder what to say in the next episode~ hoohoot”

Producer Bang Shin Hyuk also tweeted recently and share a photo taken with Jin Woon, “Listening to the master song straight from the States with Jinwoon. It’s daebak. The sound is good and very organized!”

Source : @BigHitEnt, @hitmanb, Big Hit Youtube Channel