There is a new ace in town on SBS variety show “The Racer” and it’s none other than 2AM member Jinwoon.

On the September 12 episode of “The Racer,” the cast members participated in their first elimination challenge, which involved a lap time contest.

Jung Bo Suk, Chu Sung Hoon, Jung Chan Woo, Kim Yeon Woo, Jung Hye Bin, Han Seungyeon, Jinwoon, Park Hyung Sik, Niel, and Jung Da Rae all competed to clock in the best time on a single lap around the circuit.

The racers were clearly nervous and made mistakes left and right. Even Park Hyung Sik, who impressed with his performance last week, was too ambitious and broke away from track momentarily.

On the other hand, Jinwoon approached the race with a level head and finished the race smoothly, staying on course as he was taught. His clean finish was met with admiration from everyone, and he ended in first place.

Impressed? You can catch more of Jinwoon on “The Racer” next Saturday evening at 6:25 p.m. KST.