2AM‘s Jo Kwon and 2PM‘s Jang Woo Young showed off their cute friendship through recent set of selcas.

On August 3, Jo Kwon tweeted, “It’s really hot, isn’t it? It’s way too hot… I’ll see everyone at the JYP Nation concert tomorrow!” along with a set of photos.

It looks like Jo Kwon and Jang Woo Young took these photos during a practice session for the upcoming JYP Nation concert. In one photo, they are comically and fiercely baring their teeth. In another, Jang Woo Young is puckering up while Jo Kwon is intensely gazing at the camera. Both of them are wearing their hats backwards, making them look especially young!

Both Jo Kwon and Jang Woo Young have recently released solo albums and are receiving much love from fans.

Netizens who viewed these photos commented, “Why are they so cute!” “I fell for Woo Young after watching his music video,” “What best friends they are… Because of you guys, someone is smiling right now,” “Jo Kwon is so good at making prim face expressions,” and more.

Recently, JYP Entertainment released several photos of the JYP artists practicing for this upcoming concert. The JYP Nation concert will be held on August 4.