2AM’s Jo Kwon has tweeted a cute picture on July 17th to celebrate his one year anniversary as the MC of SBSInkigayo.”

As seen in the picture, Kwon and his other two co-hosts, IU and f(x)’s Sulli were all wearing big smiles on their faces, while Kwon was holding a colorful celebration cake from fans. He tweeted, “Today is the day where it has been a year since I became the MC of Inkigayo. I promise to be an MC that keeps inproving. Ki Kwang is now in the middle of other schedules, so we couldnn’t have him in the picture.” which explained why BEAST‘s Ki Kwang, who is also the MC of the show, is not in the picture!

After the resignation of 2PM’s Taecyeon and Woo Young, Jo Kwon took the spot and joined the Inkigayo’s MC crew since July 18th last year. Time flies indeed, it has been a year already!

Congratulation Kwonnie! Let’s check out the MC Special Stage which performed together with Sulli and CN Blue’s Jung Yong Hwa last year when he first joined the show!!


Source: Jo Kwon’s Twitter + Youtube