2AM’s Jo Kwon sent a congratulatory message through Twitter to his friend, Park Tae Hwan, who has just won the gold medal at the Swimming World Championships in Shanghai. 

Jo Kwon tweeted on July 24th, “Tae Hwan! Congratulation! You’re the best .”

Park Tae Hwan is a member of the South Korean national swimming team; not only is he the first Asian swimmer to win a gold medal in Men’s 400m freestyle event, he’s also the first Korean to win a medal in Swimming. On July 24th, with a record of 3:42:04, he won the championship in the men’s 400m freestyle event in Shanghai.

Park and Jo Kwon both were born in 1989 and are known for being really good friends, the two had revealed their close friendship through interviews before. Through Jo Kwon, Park also became friends with Wonder Girls’ Sun Ye, who is also the same age with them. They often leave messages on twitter to cheer for each other. Although the two work in different professional fields, they always support each other and keep their friendships. So sweet!

Source: wowkorea.jp + Jo Kwon’s twitter