2AM’s Jo Kwon responds after miss A’s Suzy attracts attention for disclosing her secret space.

Jo Kwon made a post to his Twitter account soon after Suzy uploaded her photo. In his update Jo Kwon wrote, “My secret space is cozy and good. It’s my secret space.” Along with the message he uploaded a photo of himself inside of his secret hiding place.

In the photograph Jo Kwon is seen mimicking Suzy’s photo. He accurately parodied Suzy’s cute pose down to how she even stared off into space.  Jo Kwon shows his playful, comical side as he barely fits in the closet, much to the amusement and amazement of fans.

Suzy responded by saying, “Poob, I’ll head over to play. Ack, so funny bbbb.”

Netizens reacted positively to the photo commenting, “Jo Kwon was able to copy Suzy’s photo,” “Oh, he looks so comfy,” and “Oppa how did you get yourself to fit in such a small space? It is amazing!”

Meanwhile, 2AM will appear on tonight’s broadcast of KBS 2TV’sMusic Bank.”