After streaming their mini album showcase for “F.Scott Fitzgerald’s Way of Love” on YouTube today, 2AM has uploaded the entire program. 

Starting off with many teasers, they perform “You Were Mine” at 31 minutes into the video. Following that, they are interviewed and revealed a magazine along with more small audio clips of new songs.

At 1:10 in, they begin singing short a capella versions of some of their other new songs, such as “Erase All Our Memories,” “One More Second,” “How To Break Up Well,” “I Love You, I Love You,”

They go on to perform their previous hit song “You Wouldn’t Answer My Calls” at 1:15. Following that they do “Never Let You Go, Even If I Die.”

After showing a brief “making of” for the music video of “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me,” they performed the song. 

The producer of 2AM’s new album, Bang Shi Hyuk commented, “For the preparation of this album, we pretty much lived in the recording studio for six months. We put great effort into this album, even postponing the release date three times. Due to those efforts, we were able to capture 2AM’s lyrical voices as if you could almost touch them.”

The music video for their title track “I Wonder If You Hurt Like Me” was released earlier this week.