2AM’s Seulong was chosen as an honorary ambassador for the 13th Jeonju International Film Festival. The other honorary ambassador will be the actress Son Eun Seo who has very classy looks and brings out her own unique color when she is acting.

The chairman stated, “As actors, the two have shown new possibilities. We believe that these two fit in with the image of the Jeonju International Film Festival which is diverse and dynamic.”

Seulong began his acting career with “Personal Taste,” then appeared in the film “Acoustic” and also the short drama “Lunchbox.”

Seulong stated, “After being chosen as an honorary ambassador I feel responsibility and anticipation due to the honorary ambassadors before me such as Lee Ji Hoon, Song Joong Ki, and Jung Il Woo. I will do my best to make sure that the Jeonju International Film will become known.”

Seulong will begin his ambassador activities after the press conference that announces the films that will appear on the film festival. The film festival will go on from April 26 to May 4. 2AM will launch their new album on March 12.