On March 13, 2AM’s Seulong addressed recent dating rumors with the Wonder Girls’ Sohee during the press conference for 2AM’s new mini album, “Fitzgerald’s Way of Love.”

When asked about the rumors that turned out to be false, Seulong said, “We didn’t really have much problem with it. As I’ve mentioned on TV recently, Sohee and I are just a good oppa (older brother) and dongsaeng (little sister). Our members also get together pretty often. We’re all so close to each other, so I knew one day paparazzi photos would surface.”

After paparazzi photos of them allegedly dating made headlines, Seulong and Sohee told each other to “be more careful” moving forward, as it could cause huge misunderstandings. Other 2AM members also said, “It was really funny reading their dating articles.”

In January, paparazzi photos of Seulong and Sohee having a meal together and walking arm in arm were posted online. It was first reported that the two have been dating since August 2010, but later JYP Entertainment officially denied the rumors, stating they’re just good friends.