2NE1 decided to add another show to their first-ever solo concert, “NOLZA,” following explosive demand from fans that couldn’t purchase tickets to the event. YG Entertainment said in a statement today, “We’ve been constantly receiving calls for an additional concert so we decided to hold one more show on August 26th at 8PM.”

Tickets to the other two concerts, scheduled for August 27th and 28th, sold out in a matter of minutes as more than 60,000 people rushed to buy tickets that had only 8,000 available for each performance. With the additional concert, more overseas fans are expected to be able to purchase tickets, YGE said.

“2NE1’s really devoted to this concert as the members have always expressed the desire to hold a solo concert since their debut. They’re really focused and motivated for their new album and concert after seeing such explosive fan support,” YGE added.

Each member is trying to come up with unique individual performances at the concert and has been spending hours brainstorming for new ideas over the last few months, according to YGE.

Following the hit singles, “Don’t Cry,” “Lonely,” and “I Am The Best,” 2NE1 is set to release a new song, “I Hate You” on July 21st. Their second mini album is coming out on July 28th.