Yes, 2NE1 were on a recent taping of popular wrestling show WWE Smackdown, but not in the way you would expect! Part of the whole wrestling experience is fan signs, which are divided between fan made and oes given out at events to co-incide with the story of the day. Well, it seems like on this episode of Smackdown, a wrestling fan was also a fan of K-Pop. As you see from the picture above and the video below, 2ne1 signs were in the crowd.

How about that! Now imagine how much more popular they will get once they start promoting in America! This warms my heart to see, not only as a K-Pop/wrestling fan, but also to see that on a show watched by millions, some people held up 2NE1 signs so obviously. Kudos to you mystery K-Pop fan!

Source: IanNewYasha