CL, girl group 2NE1’s leader, confessed that she went through a double eyelid surgery.

On April 1, the singer posted a picture along with the caption: “I did a double eyelid surgery. Thanks” on her me2day.

In the picture, CL is putting pressure on her eyes to forcefully make a temporary double eyelid. It shocked netizens since CL is one of the few that is notable for her single eyelids.

But her fans quickly relaxed after they carefully noticed that the “line” was “artificially made.” It seems to be that CL was putting an April Fools’ Day prank on her fans!

Netizens who were fell in to the prank commented: “You are much more charming without double eyelids. Don’t do surgery~”, “What are you thankful for?”, “I was very surprised because I thought it was real,” and “Today is April Fools’ Day~”