2NE1’s CL did an interview for fashion brand Lancome recently and its video has been generating a lot of interest. The interview was conducted as part of the “Vision of Beauties” campaign by Lancome Korea in celebration of the release of their new anti-aging product, “Visionnaire.”

In the interview, CL revealed her own “beauty vision” and her idea on what is beautiful. When asked what her “beauty vision” was, CL said, “I think it’s confidence. Also, loving yourself and being your true self! My beauty vision is to be honest, open, fun, and enjoying!”

She was also asked, “when do you think you’re the most beautiful?” to which she responded, “I think you’re the most beautiful when you take care of yourself and truly love yourself. Be yourself!”

CL showed up with her own unique hairstyle and fashion outfit for the interview, exemplifying her nickname, “fashionista idol.”

Netizens who saw the video commented, “CL’s a great speaker too!” “So CL’s beauty came from her confidence!” and “She’s so cool. She just showed us what true beauty means.”

Here’s the video of the actual interview. Do you agree with CL?