When entering a contest, especially one that involves the idols you adore, many K-Pop fans find themselves praying they win. I have personally never won a contest but I still stay positive and hope for the best. It seems that in 2NE1’s latest contest, someone wasn’t content with leaving the results up to chance, (or more likely level of talent in the submission.)

It has been discovered that the voting system on facebook for the “I Am The Best” Dance Contest has actually been tampered with and votes have been changed. A statement placed on 2NE1’s official facebook explains their findings and what will happen if it continues.

“Important Notice: Recently, “Global Event II – I AM THE BEST Dance Cover Contest” Internet-based voting system on facebook has been hacked by users. YG made corrections and updated to the right voting numbers today on 08.16. 11:30AM (KST). Should another incident in which contestants involved cheating, contestants will be banned from this contest as well as other YG events.Sorry for the confusion, and thank you for your understanding.”

It looks like they’re not too happy but luckily the votes have been returned to their previous (non hacked) state and the competition will go forwards. Subterfuge or not, the winners will be those who deserve it. Let’s hope the contest continues without any more problems!

Source: 2NE1’s Official Facebook