Contracts and the length of said contracts seem to be a bit of a topic for me lately. Maybe it’s because of all the talk about Kara’s contract, but 2NE1 were recently asked about their own contracts with YG Entertainment and their answer was short and to the point.

2NE1 continued their promotions for “Falling in Love” by featuring in YTN’s news program “Ho Joon Suk’s News In” where they discussed several things topics, such as what Dara would have done if she wasn’t a singer (hint: think Son Ye Jin style actress), along with a quick question about the dreaded “Five-year Curse.”

The YTN anchor asked 2NE1, “Have you heard of the five-year curse? There has been a lot of cases where groups disbanded during their fifth year.”  

2NE1’s charismatic leader CL responded,”That is probably because of the length of their contracts.”


Naturally the next question the anchor asked was “Then what is the length of 2NE1’s contract?”

CL once again answered the question saying, “That is something we can’t reveal, but I believe our team will continue on for a long time since there is still time left on [our contract].”

The discussion then shifted over to whether the members would like to do some solo activities. Dara replied, “I have thought about wanting to do that if I got the opportunity, but right now I’m completely immersed in 2NE1 since I am involved in group activities.” CL also stated, “Bom and I have carried out solo activities. I believe that all of us will some day end up getting the opportunity to carry out solo activities because the team was formed when we all happened to record a song together while the members were all in the process of preparing solo activities and not preparing as team for 2NE1.”

So there you go, 2NE1 is going to keep on going for quite some time, and even better, we might get to see Minzy and Dara engage in some solo activities as well in the future.