2NE1’s CL and Sandara Park confessed that they sometimes feel the pressure of the “airport fashion” trend.

2NE1 was the special guest of the radio program “2 O’Clock Escape Cult Show” on July 15.  On the “yes or no” quiz segment, the members were asked whether they felt pressured by the standards of “airport fashion.”

Both Park Bom and Minzy replied no. CL, on the other hand, explained, “After going through an earthquake in Japan, I didn’t get a chance to worry about it. But I’m pretty concerned now that you mention it.”

Sandara also confessed, “I used to like wearing simple, but a fan left me a comment one day: ‘Noona, you should put some thought into it too.’ The thing is, the whole outfit that day had a pretty big price tag, but I guess the concept was too hobo.”

Minzy, who had said she wasn’t concerned, revealed her habit of preparing the night before. “I complete the look right before I go to sleep.  That’s why I never worry about it.”

The two DJ’s responded that they never have to worry since no one is there to take pictures of them, drawing great laughter from the crowd.

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