2NE1 has released a group selfie of their bowling adventures.

On July 23, Park Bom posted a picture of the crew on Instagram titled, “2NE1 at Pierrot Strike.” Pierrot Strike is a popular bowling alley located in Gangnam district of Seoul. All four members gathered to hold a fierce competition during one evening. They are seen under dim lights of the alley, looking cozy hanging out together.

Sandara Park provided further information on their outing. “Big Park had to surrender after breaking off her pretty nails, making Little Park represent the team double time. My arm hurts.”

Park Bom responded, “I thought I was bleeding after I broke my nail. You were great, getting strikes.”

In the meantime, 2NE1 is gaining much attention both domestically and internationally through their recent victories in major music shows, on top of having “Falling in Lovenamed MTV Iggy’s Best Song of the Summer.

2ne1 at pierrot strike