On October 12, 2NE1 member Bom uploaded photographs of her older sister Park Go Eun on her Me2Day account.

On the first photograph, Bom commented: “My older sister is a cellist!!!  But…. My sister went to the 2012 Busan International Film Festival.  Kkk  Without my knowing, she filmed a movie~~ *^___^* Inattentive younger sister ㅠ.ㅠ…The title of the movie is  “Ensemble” … Even though it hasn’t come out yet, I’m curious *^^* To the farthest right is the charismatic Kim Nam Gil *^^*.” 

On the second photograph, Bom commented: “The last from the 2012 Busan International Film Festival red carpet!!! I didn’t have confidence to go up ㅠㅠ I was embarrassed!! Again, there was another reason that I couldn’t go up to support my older sister!!!  ㅠㅠ  [But] I’ve uploaded the pictures taken at  BIFF kkk  I am the only younger sister who didn’t even know her older sister filmed a movie because I was busy ㅠㅠㅠ  I am so sorry ~~~!!!*^____^*.” 

Actor Kim Nam Gil recently tried his hand at producing, and “Ensemble” is his first project as a film producer.  “Ensemble” is a fake documentary which tells the stories of seven up-and-coming classical performers in Korea, and stars violinist Kwon Hyuk Joo, contrabassist Sung Min Je, violinist Kim Ji Yun, clarinetist Jang Jong Seon, violinist Lee Han Na, pianist Park Jin Woo, and cellist Park Go Eun.