The members of girl group 2NE1 are looking cool sporting shades except for Sandara who opted to not wear the extra accessory.

On October 18, Sandara posted a group photo on her me2day with the caption “2NE1 in Okinawa! It’s our first time in Okinawa and our stage was so fun today. The audience’s response was great! Okinawa is cool!”

The 2NE1 girls were invited to “K Collection in Okinawa,” which was held on the same day. They had a chance to meet with their Japanese fans during the event.

Inside the picture, the girls are being cute posing in front of the camera. Sandara stands out with her available eyes staring at the viewers. She teases the fans with her hand gesture and tongue. The rest of the gals pucker their lips behind the sunglasses. Park Bom looks adorable trying to peek through her shades.

Netizens who saw the picture commented, “Sandara Park looks so young. Isn’t she in her 20s?” “I had fun in Okinawa because of y’all,” “They took the picture without much thought, but it still looks so 2NE1.”

Meanwhile, 2NE1 is invited to perform for “GS & Concert” on October 21 in Jamsil’s Gymnasium in Seoul.