Not long ago the Japanese music video for powerhouse 2NE1’s “I am the Best” was uploaded to their official YouTube channel.  Besides a previous teaser release of the Japanese music video, this is the first time that this particular version of the song has been heard in full.  The actual Japanese adaptation of the song isn’t available for purchase yet, but will be in the near future.   

As for the video there are few differences between the original music video release of “I am the Best” and the Japanese edition.  In regards to the track itself the song is sung in Korean, Japanese, and English.  The chorus is still “내가 제일 잘나가” in Korean, while the verses are sung in Japanese, and the raps are performed in English. 

The composition of the English raps of Minzy and CL has garnered mixed reaction among viewers as they weren’t shy to share their honest opinions as one commented, “I’m Japanese, so I’m really glad that they sing in Japanese, but I think they shouldn’t. They should sing in English. English rap part is so sick, but Japanese part is kinda weird. I’m their biggest fan, so I hope they gonna be successful in Japan. Anyway, love you soooo much, 2NE1!!! Yes, you guys are the best!!!” and another countered, “CL’s rap is painfully terrible.  It’s awkward”.

On that note, here is the music video so you can judge for yourself.  It still is, at its core, the extremely successful and addictive track that so many enjoyed and continue to do so.


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