YG Entertainment‘s girl group 2NE1 released the dance practice video for their latest single, “Falling in Love,” through their official 2NE1 YouTube channel.

“Falling in love” has a more relaxed beat compared to their powerful past hits. The reggae style song also allows for simpler choreography, but even for the dance practice the girls of 2NE1 give all that they have into an energetic practice. 

In an interview for Saegye, member Minzy said, “The main point of the choreography for ‘Falling in Love’ is the ‘Harp Dance’, where you move your hands like your stroking a harp.”

Fellow member Sandara also added, “In the part where we sing ‘Touch Me’ we also have the ‘Skin Scrubber Dance.’ Even though it looks like your scrubbing your skin, it’s also a dance move you can do at a club.” 

You can watch the full music video for “Falling in Love” here