Earlier an article was posted regarding specific details of 2NE1’s Japanese album release.  To further entice fans, during the approximately two and a half month wait, YG Entertainment has launched an official countdown site for Japanese Blackjacks.  On the site there is a live countdown clock to aid fans in counting down to the exact second of the album’s release.  Also there is information given about teasers and subsequent releases leading up to September 21st.  Lastly, there have been two additions made to the site as well in the form of profiles and messages from 2NE1 members CL and Minzy to those in Japan.  Here is what they had to say:

Minzy: Despite the still difficult situation of the March 11th earthquake, I feel closer to Japanese hearts love and encouragement. Together, ‘Let’s play!’”

CL: “I also spent some time there in Japan; Japan is a special place. Then, on March 11th we experienced an earthquake, I feel close to the pain experienced by everyone together. Japanese fans even in the midst of these difficult times continued to mimic our dance style and support us while always wearing a bright smile. Now I want to have fun on stage with you in Japan! I cannot wait to meet you and be closer to you.”

Does the countdown and information the site offers make you more excited about 2NE1’s Japanese release?

Source: 2NE1 Countdown Site