2NE1’s single “Ugly” has been a hit internationally, with the girls singing in Korean as well as English. However, to sing the English lyrics with such good pronunciation took hard work, as 2NE1 is showing via a picture taken of their notes regarding the song.

Foreign fans enjoy singing along to “Ugly,” but like 2NE1’s difficulty with the chorus, are having a hard time continuing to sing along with the Korean verses.

2NE1 revealed their interpretation of the English lyrics, writing how the words sounded using Hangeul. The pronunciation, written in blue, brought laughter to fans who have read the notes.

“Ugly” has been dominating the music charts since its release, ranking within the top ten selling albums among international iTunes stores. 2NE1 is also expected to perform “Ugly” on SBS’s “Inkigayo” within the next thirty days.

Source: Nate