While a report was released that 2NE1 is close to disbandment, triggered by past online clues, YG Entertainment recently responded to the news firmly denying the false report.

An affiliate of YG Entertainment told Chic News, “As someone from YG Entertainment, it looks like 2NE1 is on the road down to their disbandment. Leader CL is planning her promotions in the States while Sandara Park is planning to focus on acting.” The affiliate did not say anything about Minzy or Park Bom.

2NE1 was surrounded by rumors of disbandment starting last year, when Minzy deleted “21” off of her SNS username and also changed her profile introduction to “Official Minzy,” which was originally “Official 2NE1 Minzy.” As soon as the rumors sparked, she made her account private and changed her username back to the way it was.

In later news, YG Entertainment denied the rumors in their official statement, saying, “It’s not even worth addressing. We were appalled when we heard it too. (Rumors of 2NE1 disbanding) does not make sense at all. 2NE1 is even planning to release a new song this year. ”

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