2NE1 has set a new record by becoming the first K-Pop artist in history to reach five straight “all-kill” singles. Their latest single, “Ugly,” released at midnight on July 28th, has topped various K-Pop music charts, making it the fifth consecutive single, after “Don’t Cry,” “Lonely,” “I Am The Best,” and “Hate You,” from 2NE1’s 2nd mini album to reach the feat.

The accomplishment is something rarely seen in today’s K-Pop, let alone the global music industry, that is seeing rapid turnover in hit single releases. But 2NE1, with their unique comeback-midnight release system, has consistently dominated the Korean music charts over the last four months, firmly cementing themselves as one of the top girl groups in the industry. By ensuring “every track of the album” is of title song quality, 2NE1 attracted fan interest to every single track of their new 2nd mini album, and by heavily investing in their music videos they were able to produce MVs for all five songs as well.

 Another reason today’s record deserves more recognition is the fact that 2NE1 has tried out various musical styles throughout their career. From hip-hop and R&B to rock and ballad, 2NE1 has expressed themselves in different styles and has successfully appealed to global fans, making the “2NE1” brand a distinctive K-Pop icon that stands out from other girl groups. Their new track, “Ugly,” for example, has unique lyrics and chorus that’s uncommon from girl groups, and is based on rock sounds that make it extra special for 2NE1.

Meanwhile, 2NE1 will hold their first-ever solo concert, “NOLZA,” from Aug. 26th to 28th in Seoul. They are expected to make their Japanese debut in September as well.


Source: OSEN