2NE1 member and solo artist CL appeared in photo shoot and interview for the July issue of “GQ Korea” and gave an in-depth look into her thoughts about the music industry, prejudices that Asian women face, and the difference between her stage persona “CL” and her real self “Chaelin.” 

CL’s photo shoot was a raw and unadulterated look at the idol star.  In a set of photographs, CL drinks a cup of soda and spills it down the front of her white tank top.  CL  suggested the concept and saying that she thought images of a liquid spilling down her front would be aesthetically interesting.  In another set of photographs, CL appears stripped down and bare in keeping with the interview which revealed the idol’s unfiltered thoughts on various questions.      

You’ve read what she said in the interview.  Check out the photos by clicking through the gallery.