2NE1 member and solo artist CL appeared in photo shoot and interview for the July issue of “GQ Korea” and talked about the difference between her stage persona “CL” and her real self “Chaelin.”  

CL debuted as a solo artist this year with the release of her hotly anticipated single “The Baddest Female” on May 28, 2013 and a new image baring her toned midriff and svelte figure. In response to questions on CL’s concept for “The Baddest Female” and tanning, CL said, “My skin tone is actually quite light.  I use makeup or, lately, I’ve been using spray tanning, because I don’t tan that well.  Honestly, I also tan.  I also thought that a darker, bronzed look would match “The Baddest Female.”  … [For this song] I expose a lot of skin.  One of the reasons I tan is that darker skin tone gives a slimmer look. … Girls seem to be the only ones that don’t know that.”   

CL also noted on her single reaching number 1, “I was happy.  I didn’t know people would love it so much.”  

CL was also asked whether she wanted to be known for her increasingly strong image.  In response, CL said, “In my everyday life, I really dress simply.  As opposed to having to dress strongly, I wear things that I like at that moment in time.  I did that for today’s shoot.  For a music video or stage, I would like to  just once show a ‘Chaelin and CL’ mixed style and not a ‘CL’ style.  But, in most cases, my stylist dresses me in extreme clothes.”

CL continued, “If people would think of ‘CL’ when they see me on the stage, I would like that.  On the stage, in song, in photo shoots, I flip a switch and become CL.  But, to my family and friends, I wish to remain Chaelin.  I don’t want to forget where I came from.  If I can maintain the balance, I do.  Because of that, I maintain myself as Chaelin. … Seeing that a lot of my time is spent working, there isn’t much opportunity to do Chaelin things.  Because I’m afraid of forgetting what kind of person Chaelin is, I make a lot of effort to spend time on my own.  I am not CL.  CL is inside of me.”