2NE1‘s CL is currently preparing for her debut in the United States, and InStyle magazine caught up with her in Los Angeles for an interview and photo shoot. The magazine asked CL questions from what’s known as the “Proust Questionnaire,” a set of questions that form a kind of personality test, which were made famous by French writer Marcel Proust.

When asked what her flaw is, CL answers, “I’m impatient. I think being impatient is really a flaw.” She also jokes that with her lifestyle right now, she’s not sure where her home is, as it feels like she just lives on airplanes.

CL names Mickey Mouse as her fictional hero. “Or maybe it’s Disney that’s my hero?” she wonders. “He makes people dream. I want to be that kind of person too.”

For her heroes in real life, she picks her mother and grandmother. “I respect them the most of all. My strength, confidence, and individuality are all because of my grandmother and mother’s influence.” She adds that in her busy and chaotic life, they keep her grounded, support her, and encourage her to take things slow and relax.

She is then asked who her hero from history is. “The person I’m most interested in is… Cleopatra,” she replies with a laugh. “I think she’s really cool. Maybe it’s because of my job. She’s really iconic, and she’s got a ‘bad girl’ image.”

Watch the video below to see CL’s interview with English subtitles.