2NE1 member and solo artist CL appeared in the July issue of “GQ Korea” and talked about the stereotypes Asian women face in today’s world.   

In response to questions about the Korean music industry and the international appeal of 2NE1’s music, CL said: “From our [2NE1] first album’s song “Fire,” I never had the consciousness of making and singing songs only for Koreans.  [YG] Producer Teddy is also the same.  I do what I like to do, not what I think matches Korea.  While living overseas, I never had a point where I was embarrassed of Korean music.  My father really likes pop music, and I haven’t lived in Korea for long periods at a time.” 

When pressed on whether she had higher standards, CL responded: “It’s not that I have higher standards, it’s just that I have different standards.  The reason is that I don’t know the feeling of a Korean song.  I did not know the vibe of music or what clothes people were wearing. ”

 CL then went on to comment: “Even though, through 2NE1, I had a strong desire to become a representative of women, while living abroad, I realized that there is still prejudice that Asian women are “shy.”  It’s like when Jeremy Scott said, “Even in Asia, there are people like this.”  Of course, it is a compliment, but it also means that there was a prejudice [otherwise he wouldn’t have been surprised].  Korea has so many stylish people, but is hidden by that kind of prejudice.  I want to break the [stereotypical] image of Asian women.”         

Earlier this year, in June, CL also talked about the prejudice Asian women face and wanting to break stereotypes in an interview with edaily.