2NE1’s Sandara Park posted on her Twitter a whole sheet of stickers depicting each member of 2NE1 as a cartoon character.

“This is the Double Park? Big Park (Park Bom), Small Park (Sandara Park). This is so far from reality since we honestly can’t be this cute~ We’re totally satisfied just from the stickers,” she added.

She pointed out rather realistic features each character had. “Come see our new, adorable 2NE1 sticker line,” explained Sandara on Twitter. “Finally the birth of 2NE1 stickers! They match us since we already look and act like these cartoon characters. Which one looks most real?”

Netizens have responded, “Double Park stickers are so cute,” “100% synchronized,” “These are really well done.”

In the meantime, 2NE1 is busy promoting their new song, “Falling in Love.”

2ne1 stickers