2NE1’s Dara always shares the latest interesting episodes in her daily life with us through me2day and it’s always full of cute pictures and words; yet a new character popped out in her me2day world on July 22nd, “DaDoongi”, the new family member of Dara and her younger brother, MBLAQ’s Thunder.


With a picture of an adorable little kitten sleeping, Dara wrote on her me2day, “Dodoong.. I was just surfing on the Internet and discovered this fact! Pet-lover Thunder… has finally… adopted a cat! It’s called DaDoong. Bbarabam~! I’m going home today but this looks scary T.T I was just getting close to Minzy’s dog, Douggie.. But Douggie has suddenly grown so big.. Bbarabam. .Oh my god!!!!

Besides the picture, she posted a video and explained the story of the kitten’s name. “DaDoongi—keke! It already got its own private space in Cheon Doong (Thunder)’s room! A house, toilet, and even a bed.. Doong had already left for Music Core when I woke up.. Only DaDoongi was left here, all by itself. Keke. They said its name Dara+Cheon Doong = DaDoongi. That sounds about right but it’s kind of difficult to say DaDoongi.. anyway, it’s now captured in Ssan PD’s camera, so it’ll be in 2NE1 TV~ ^^ Will it fight with Douggie if they meet!? ke

Cats and Dogs! Classic! For those who haven’t met Minzy‘s Douggie~

Remember their faces, because I’m sure these two adorable little furs are going to appear on Dara’s me2day pretty often in the future!

Source: Dara’s me2day + Nate