On March 27, 2NE1’s Dara admitted on her Me2Day that she’s “variety show-phobic.” The message came as a surprise as it was written just a few hours before the broadcasting of SBS “Strong Heart,” which will be held as a YG special, starring Big Bang, Se7en, 2NE1, Psy, Gummy, Sean, and Tablo.

“Ahh, what is this! What are the sunbae-nims’ facial expressions in the back supposed to mean? 2NE1 is variety show and talk-phobic. And me! I did my best but the air time is far away…Although I haven’t been able to show a lot of fun, it was great to be with all the sunbae-nims! YG family!” Dara wrote on her Me2Day.

“We’re not good at talking or going on variety shows, but we’re awesome on the stage! Encouraging myself. When you lose your confidence, just listen to ‘I Am the Best’! Fighting!” she added.

In the picture she shared, Dara is seen holding a mic in the front stage, giving a singing performance in front of the guest crowd. You can see Psy, Seungri, and Gummy smile at Dara’s performance, making you wonder what she actually did on the show.

The YG special episode of SBS “Strong Heart” will air on March 27 at 11:15PM KST. Stay tuned for more updates!