An interesting post by 2NE1’s Sandara Park on her me2Day has recently gotten the public’s attention. In the update Dara made, she uploaded a picture of herself with the following inquiry at readers, “Why am I this ugly?” Her harsh remark led netizens to speculate what caused her to ask such a strange question in the first place.  In turn she received positive feedback from fans as they left supportive comments.  “Who said that?  Please don’t say that.”, “Unni, if that’s the case, how can I live on?”, “Everyone will think stuff like that once in a while~ Stay strong”.  

One clever fan found the post rather curious as they speculated, “Is this perhaps some kind of promotion for their new song, ‘Ugly’?”  Shortly after, she uploaded an additional photo of her and Android 18 of “Dragon Ball Z.” This time it was one that had clearly been Photoshopped, as she wrote, “I think I’m ugly…” and “Daragon Ball.” The comical post made everyone laugh.

Even though her hair might have been done up in a different way, she still was attractive as ever with her clean skin; she was anything but “Ugly”, causing many to be jealous.

What do you think of her pictures and posts?