2NE1’s Dara updated her fans with another new hairstyle, this time inspired by Korea’s traditional beauty.

On August 13, Dara wrote on her me2day, “I came up with this Hwang Jin Yi style to show off Korea’s beauty to all the international fans. Hairpin Dara! Unfortunately, I was only able to do this hair twice during the ‘I Love You’ promotions because I had to go with the half-shaved style. So sad…but Hairpin Dara is so cute. I couldn’t even take a single picture. My selca skills have diminished.. oh my god.”

Alongside the message, Dara shared a photo that looks like a screenshot from her August 12 performance on SBS “Inkigayo.” She put photoshop effects, such as lines that read “Hairpin Dara” or “Look at Me,” and she looks strikingly similar to Hwang Jin Yi, one of the most famous gisaengs (female entertainers) during the Joseon Dynasty.

Netizens commented, “I love this hair,” “Wow, she’s so sweet,” and “Dara looks so similar to Hwang Jin Yi.”

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