As promised, YG Entertainment has just revealed the first teaser of 2NE1’s upcoming single “Hate You”!

Featuring the illustration work of the well-known graphic artist, Mari Kim, the MV is going to be an animated video and the full video will be released on the same day of the track’s release on July 21st. It was unviled earlier that the title “Hate You” was originally named “F*** You” and was supposed to be included in last year’s full album. Yet due to the inappropriate language within the lyrics, they had to postpone its release until now, and they have found a new name for it.

It looks like the girls are transforming into some kind of “power puff girls” characters in the video, and are going to kick some bad ass to save the world! Super cute! Check out the video below!

Source: 2NE1’s official YouTube Channel