Not only do K-Pop stars have me2day’s, but many are using Twitter more and more, and some of them use it a lot! One of these is Minzy from 2NE1 who keeps her followers constantly entertained with everything from adorable selcas, to amusing pictures with others.

Recently Minzy has been pulling out the stops and is letting out her playful side with a string of amusing pictures and a very touching tweet to her mum. Sadly, because of promotions, Minzy was busy during her mother’s birthday, but the dutiful daughter had sent a beautiful cake ahead.

With the picture she added the message:

“Madam Bae.Soon.Hee, happy 48th birthday from the bottom of my heart~^^ Gong Mingkki will be going home late because of Music Core but~ I will send the cake in advance~ I love you mum~””

She also uploaded a picture of her out to eat with Free Mind, a group of pretty dancers. It’s adorable to see Minzy stand out with her colored hair, which definitely suits her!

With the picture she added:

“I abandoned crazy and transferred to free mind. Kekekekekeke”

Photos of Minzy were then uploaded by YG dancers onto Twitter as Minzy did an impromptu photo sessions with them, it seems like they were all hyper and having lots of fun.

Dancer Kim Hee Yun added with the pictures uploaded:

“That Gong girl! Keke ♡ Did we come for the performance or for camp!”

Kim Hee Yun added, “In high spirits after eating, fooling around Kekeke Kid Gong, Hee Gun, Yul elated ♡ The more tired we are, the more.. Kekekekekeke”

As time goes by, it seems that Minzy is having more n uploading fun pictures to Twitter and being in the pictures taken by others. What picture would you take with Minzy?

Source: Minzy and Kim Hee Yun’s Twitters