On October 24, 2NE1’s Minzy shared a letter she wrote to CL during their trainee days on her personal Twitter account. Alongside the photo of the letter, Minzy wrote, “A letter I wrote to CL unni during trainee days. From the start to the end, I don’t even know what I was writing about. Yeah, well, because I was young back then.”

The photo she shared is indeed a handwritten letter she wrote to CL in December 2008. She wrote in the letter, “Hi Chae Lin unni~You’re getting a cold because you’re not wearing warm clothes in this cold weather! No no to Virus Helium now! I want to see the Helium CL unni~Hurry up and get rid of the virus! Please become a healthier and ‘badder’ female rapper next year~! Of course you look like an otter hehe Unni, please become my otter, CL unni~It’s cool, fighting!”

Netizens commented, “The letter is just so cute,” “2NE1 is the best group,” and “I want to see more old photos and letters.”

Honestly, we have no idea what Minzy is saying in that letter, either, but it’s great to see them get along well!